JW Wellness Lifestyle Center was established in 2003; which was 15 years ago where it started off with a small group of clients and group class exercises at corporate companies and home visits therapy. The founder of JW Wellness is no other than James’ Wong. Inspired by a dream to have a passion in helping others in physical alignment; emotional alignment and spiritual alignment. James further established his dedications to Pilates and Yoga Therapy work back then where he studied from many great teachers from all over the world.

JW Wellness Lifestyle Center has 4 Main Services where James’ wanted to establish a complete well care platform for the future generation - They are the Yoga & Pilates School; ARTE Spine Care Physio Section, Emotion Healing & Therapy & Nutrition. He believes that in order to have a well-balanced healthy lifestyle, it is important to have a good combination of Physical exercises, Healthy Mind and Body and Good Diet & Nutrition.


JW Wellness Yoga & Pilates School

Registered RYS200 & RYS300 Yoga Alliance School

Yoga and Pilates is one of the main emphasis of JW Wellness where we offer regular classes and short courses for deeper learning and also Yoga Alliance Teachers Training Certifications for both Yoga and Pilates. JW Wellness Yoga and Pilates School @ Studio teaches traditional Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga Flow and we offer Spinal Yoga Wheel Courses and classes as well. We are also one of Asia’s very Top Aeriel Yoga Training Center with very our own signature flows trademarked under the name of Airflow Yoga which is Anti-gravity yoga where up till date we own 12 franchises & licensed branches all over Asia.

ARTE™ Spine Care

ARTE™ Stands for – Anatomy, Realignment, Therapy, Energy; the a spine care management system which our physical therapy section of JW Wellness works on where we include services from Trigger Point Therapy, to Movement Release Techniques (both Passive & Active) to revive body biomechanics, and also Manual and Physiotherapy services. Our team has developed a special management called the Art of Mobilization and Adjustments techniques combined by proprioceptive movements in our Scoliosis Management Foundation Research Programs which we massively helped scoliosis of all age groups. We also work with clients who comes from traumatic pain experiences and our results are amazing.

Emotion Healing & Therapy

Emotion healing & Therapy is one of JW Wellness department where we focus on healing the mind and emotion with Sound Healing therapy, Emotion Release Therapy and consultations for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder clients or clients who comes from overly stressed situations and needed emotional healing. 


Nutrition plays an important role in our daily activities. In fact it plays 60% importance in our daily lifestyle. JW Wellness works hand in hand with TROIS International Health Consultant company (providing consultation on weight management program, overall health diet program, and supplementary drinks for fitness workout plans). James is also the Fitness Ambassador for Slimpify (which is a subsidiary of Trois International) where is represents the Fitness part of the program.

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Siew Chin Tiong

"After my 200 Hours TTC, my yoga journey and life went through an enormous change. From tight shoulders which I would describe to my teacher James Wong it is as hard as diamond! He managed to soften my shoulders and emotional baggage I have been carrying over my shoulders to let go. I am now able to comprehend that yoga is a journey just like my life journey. For me to be able to lift with a bit of assistance to get up and hold intros pose is already a good sign that my should is more flexible and stabilised. I have indeed chosen the right path and right teacher."

Ikea Low

"A great start for my yoga journey in 2018. 6 days module 2 training make me feel amazing and great . Really absolute to teacher James' Wong with his knowledge and training method. Thank you to teacher and the seniors with us during these 6 days. Your sharing, care and guiding make our 6 days training wonderful. The Yin Yoga make us release and understand deeper about ourself. After go through the struggling journey, body feel lighter and more relax. The JW flow is amazing, feel like dancing and soft. The feeling is not from words can share, is from the deep. Only with explore yourself, you will feel the amazing of the yoga journey. Appreciate for all the things happened and bring me to this amazing journey. Namaste."

Susan Tay

"James老师 你是一个超棒的老师,上完你的JW 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training的Module 1和2,从中学习到了很多学问,你帮我们解开了我们的心灵,要我们勇敢面对找出自信. 你有一级棒的教学经验,把我们当成你的宝贝的爱戴,我们来你这里学习,都感觉到有家的味道.  心里有话和你说,谢谢你的包容,感恩有你的出现让我找到真正的瑜伽教学方式"

Catherine Lee

"James老师 你是一个超棒的老师,上完你的JW 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training的Module 1和2,从中学习到了很多学问,你帮我们解开了我们的心灵,要我们勇敢面对找出自信. 你有一级棒的教学经验,把我们当成你的宝贝的爱戴,我们来你这里学习,都感觉到有家的味道.  心里有话和你说,谢谢你的包容,感恩有你的出现让我找到真正的瑜伽教学方式"

Heng Jee

Being a S-curve scoliosis patient, the limited mobility of my spine had constrained my yoga practice until I meet with teacher James. Met teacher for the first time at his 2-days Scoliosis management & postural assessment course on May 2018. During the scoliosis course, I was impressed by teacher James' techniques of scoliosis treatment combines Manual Therapy into yoga,spinal wheel and pilates which are different from what I had been taken. The connection with teacher doesn't end there, I decided to sign up the Functional Anatomy Yoga & Postural Analysis training to have more understanding on my scoliotic body in yoga practice. I am grateful to meet a yoga teacher who also knowledgeable in human biomechanics and has done a lot researches on scoliosis cases. His teaching has inspired me, a scoliotic person also can practice yoga in a safe and effective way. I may not be able to go further in my yoga journey without teacher's guidance and encouragement.

"Trust the journey
Trust the process
Raise your energy
And the right person will come into your life"