Yoga Props & Apparels

Yoga Mat Natural Rubber Alignment (Pre Order)

Available in Black, Blue, Pink, Purple, Green & Grey. 

Benefits of the mat:

  1. Has good grip and support, does not slip easily when you sweat. Great for yoga practice.
  2. Alignment for beginners as a quick guide for your arms distance or legs position.
  3. Extra support for your elbows and knees. 5mm thickness.
  4. Comes with carrying bag.
  5. Suitable for all beginners or advanced yogis.
  6. Personalize your name- free of charge

Price : 130 EURO (includes shipping fees- take 2-3 weeks shipment for place outside Malaysia); RM630 (approximately - includes sending fees) 


Single or Double Lacrosse Ball for Myofascial Trigger Point

Trigger Point Massage Ball Set

- Peanut Double Lacrosse Ball and Single Lacrosse Ball

- Designed for Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy and Deep Tissue Massage. Massage Ball Roller for Self Massage, Physiotherapy, Crossfit and Yoga.

Price : 30 EURO (includes free delivery- 2-3 weeks of delivery time) 

Approximately RM150 (includes free delivery)

Purchase the Self Release Trigger Point Book for 60 EURO and get a pair of Lacrosse ball FREE! (Limited time offer)


Self Release Trigger Point Book by James Wong

A comprehensive handy book which teaches you how to Release fascia adhesions in the body to realignment a good Postural Alignment and also give good muscle mobility. A must get book for self release techniques. Easy to understand steps in the book.