200-Hours Yoga Teacher Training

Compulsory modules to complete 200 Hours Teacher Training Course – Module 1, Module 2, Module 3. Students can also opt for our Full Package deal, drop us an email for more information. This can be combined with our 300-Hours Teachers Training in 2020 for RYT500 certifications. There are also other weekend courses available on January-March 2020 where we provide convenience for the working crowd. We offer a)Weekend trainings b)Module system trainings c)3 weeks intensive trainings . Kindly email jwwellnesslifestylecenter@gmail.com to enquire more details as we have several module choices

Introduction and Yoga Teachers Teaching Methodology

JW Wellness Yoga training methodology massively covers on the importance of spinal mobility (his signature Spinal Roll™, correct movements of the joints along with the essences of Dynamic Neuroscience of the body and how the motor control functions of the spine allows the scapula to mobilize and hips mobilization; combined with special techniques in Myofascia Trigger Point Movement Release Therapy. Trigger point therapy is one of the topics in the module training for 200-Hours Yoga Teacher Training. In this training, a lot of emphasis on the well-being of our teachers physical studies of body variation alignment; their fascia adhesion in their body, postural assessment and alignment to study how their body are affected in certain yoga poses and how they can improve and heal in their yoga poses by understanding their body posture, awareness and alignment. The school's principle comes from a balance of Yin and Yang and also offers 100 hours or 200 hours of Yoga TTC which includes Yin Yoga specialty.

Module 1 - 70 Hours

Functional Anatomy Yoga & Postural Analysis (compulsory) – Multilevel and open to non-teachers or instructors or physiotherapist

This is a 7-Intensive Days of Functional Yoga Anatomy 1 understanding of the spine, hips and shoulders biomechanics movements where students are taught the details on structural and functional aspect of the skeletal system into basic yoga poses which forms a strong foundation to our daily practice. There is a great depth of emphasis in Skeletal Variation and we will run through several test to check compression of the bones due to the skeletal variation aspect and its relationship with our Fascia. Based on our bones variation, we will start to develop freedom in our practice. You will also be taught the most basic breathing starting from yogic breathing and slowly develop further to other intermediate and advanced level pranayama during the period of the 200-hours. As the trainer is specialized in connective tissues and fascia, he will be sharing the connection of our fascia in our yoga movements with breath. The course will also cover in depth the balance of fascia and its connectivity with the balanced distribution of strength and flexibility in our poses – which leads to a major topic on Scoliosis Management and Trigger Point Release. Functional Yoga 2 will display more movements of fascia after students have completed their Functional Yoga 1 (however, students do not need to take them in sequence). Participants whom has undergone the 7-Days Functional Anatomy completely changes their perspective of their practice and makes yoga practice so much more awareness and more at ease. Participants will also experience the range of motion of certain poses and the fundamental alignment techniques and movements of muscles in yoga poses. There will be several group discussion and activities to make Anatomy class Alive!

Materials to read: Andrew Biel Anatomy book, Self Release Trigger Point Book by James Wong

Module 2 - 60 Hours

Asana and Yoga Flow, Practicum, Sequencing & Coaching, Restorative Yin Yoga, Part of Philosophy (Patanjali) (only for 200 Hours Candidates)

During this period of time, students will study in depth Injury Prevention Safety & Sequencing and Preparation poses for 1 hour format class and how to use verbal cuing in classes. Our JW Signature Vinyasa Flow and our creative sequencing will be taught intensively to our teachers to enable them to conduct a Gentle Yoga, Core Yoga & Power Yoga. Students are also taught sequencing to teach Restorative Yin Yoga. Philosophy is one of the deepest root in this teaching training where students are taught the Eight Limbs of Yoga – Patanjali’s eight-fold path to offer a guideline for a meaningful and purposeful life. A partial of philosophy will be shared as part of the Theming for class purpose.

Module 3 - 50 Hours

This module will normally be done in Australia or India and our students are brought to overseas to experience a different air of learning abroad where we will expose them to a retreat type of training away from their home and loved ones. This is to enable them to focus the final section of their training where they will focus mainly on refining their teaching skills and coaching, adjustment techniques, advanced asana and flow, working with their sequencing and coaching skills. More depth of Philosophy on the Eight Limbs of Yoga – Patanjali’s eight-fold path to offer a guideline for a meaningful and purposeful life. There will be meditation on our daily practice, more advanced pranayama and also nasal cleansing on a daily basis.


Course Details

Date & Venue: 

Functional Yoga 1 

  1. Anatomy & Postural Studies - 2020 SCHEDULES (2nd-5th Jan & 7th-9th Feb (Intake 1) or 3rd-9th Feb (Intake 2) or 8th-14th June (Intake 3)- Trefoil Setia Alam (Kindly email jwwellnesslifestylecenter@gmail.com to enquire more details as we have several module choices) 

Functional Yoga 2 

  1. Vinyasa Yoga TTC (Intermediate Level) -2020 SCHEDULES (7th-12th April or 23rd-28th June 2020 - Trefoil Setia Alam (Kindly email jwwellnesslifestylecenter@gmail.com to enquire more details as we have several module choices) 

Module 3 

  1. 40 Hours Vinyasa & Yoga Retreat in Australia - 2020 SCHEDULES 20th April-7th May 
  2. Restorative @ Yin Yoga Airlow TTC - 3rd-5th July 2020 - Trefoil Setia Alam
  3. Spinal Wheel Training Course - 2nd-5th April - Trefoil Setia Alam 
  4. Airflow Yoga TTC - Intake 1 - 4th-7th June 2020 - Trefoil Setia Alam



Morning Session: 8.00am to 12.00pm 

Lunch Break: 12.00pm to 2.00pm 

Noon Session: 2.00pm to 7.00pm 


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