JW Spinal Yoga Wheel Training Course

Come experience a 40-Hours Intensive Training of Spinal Wheel Yoga which includes the following learning:

  1. How to use the wheel for foundation & alignment yoga pose & Yoga Anatomy to study on Injury Prevention & Biomechanics of Human Body
  2. How to teach- Coaching and Sequence in JW Spinal Wheel Flow Yoga Class
  3. Safety & Precaution Standards needed while using the wheel & how the wheel assist in simplifying yoga poses
  4. Spinal Roll & Traction & Back Therapy & Shoulder Alignment Benefits
  5. Strength conditioning - Learning how to achieve Intermediate to Advanced Backbend, Hip opening,Arm Balance & Inversion poses using the wheel
  7. Scoliosis management using the wheel and improve spine conditions & lifestyle.
  8. Pre-requisite : Existing yoga teacher, Pilates teachers, Group exercise instructors, At least 1 year in teaching experience

Course Details

Date: 2nd - 5th April 2020 

Time: 8.00am to 6.00pm 

Venue: Trefoil; Setia Alam 

Notes: Training included 1 FREE SPECIAL Spinal Yoga Wheel 

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