Self Release Trigger Point Course

James is a Certified Remedial Therapist in Trigger Point (IICT associate) specializing in Myofascia Release Therapy & Scoliosis Management & Manual Therapy. He is also certified in the field of Applied Science of Physiotherapy- in Biomechanics. He has spent his years of research studies on tight shoulders, neck, lower back & hips caused by misaligned postures and he strongly believes that one needs to release tight muscles prior performing certain exercises. Wrongly used muscle firing while performing any forms of exercise causes muscle tension to build up & over a period of time can indeed cause compensatory postural change in the body. Physiotherapist can learn these techniques to help release patient's tightness prior manual treatments. James methods are a combination of manual movement techniques in Myofascia Release Therapy. His very own blend of work is widely used by physical therapists in their clinical work. He will also share self-treatments using both Trigger Massage balls. (Recommended to all Body work instructors, Yoga teachers, Pilates instructors, Physiotherapist


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